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Sep 15, 2020

Update on Ys VIII & Okami Pins Shipping

Hi everyone! I'm going to cut straight to it - There's going to be an extra 1 - 2 week delay on getting these out to ...

Sep 1, 2020

What the Duck? News - September 2020

  Welcome to the first issue of What the Duck? News! It's a bit of a bumper issue, so get a coffee and take a seat! ...

Aug 3, 2020

Battle of the Bruh Is HERE! Closed Now - Results Inside!

Battle of the Bruh!! Artwork by eLTeh (Twitter >Here<) The battle is over and you will find the results below ...

Pin Savers - Keep your Pins SECURE

Keep your pins secure on anything you choose with these locking pin backs. They don't require any special tool and come with a matching box to go with your collection!

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Worldwide Shipping

We'll assign your pin to a Pin Box Duck whose responsibility will be ensuring it arrives to your door safely. We hope you'll look after them when they arrive!

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Collect the entire Ys VIII Collection

Getting all three of the Ys VII pins creates a map when all three are put together! 

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