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All Pre-Orders have SHIPPED!

All Pre-Orders have SHIPPED!


That's it! All of our pre-orders have shipped, with the exception of those that are on Payment Plans (These will be dispatched as soon as they are paid off).

If you have placed an order, you should have received a dispatch email with your tracking number. If you haven't, please get in touch with us to look into it!

Please keep an eye on your tracking to prevent any issues from coming up, like it being held for collection. If it gets "stuck" for a while, please let us know so that we are aware and keep an eye on it!

Its been a long journey getting these products out to everyone with many ups and downs, but we think the end product will speak for itself, and we hope you will agree when you get yours in your hands!

With that done now, we can proceed with the development of many of our upcoming pins. Watch this space!


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  • Order #3027 Tracking #LG428710709GB

    Good afternoon (at least it’s the afternoon in the states) PinBox!

    I’ve been tracking my order through the Shop app and it appears to have been sitting in a sorting facility in Chicago for the past 12 days. I wasn’t sure if there was any additional information displaying on the order on your end so I figured I’d ask,

    Let me know if there’s any additional info on the order or if there’s been other folks dealing with a similar issue or if I just need to sit tight and be patient


    Sam Bezjak

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