Hello Everyone!

Whether you have followed us from the start or if this is your first time checking us out we want to start by saying:


We honestly wouldn't be here today without the support of everyone who bought our products, shared our tweets or told your friends about us!

We've been quiet for a long time, and unfortunately the state of the world certainly has contributed to that but the light is definitely at the end of the tunnel now and the pieces are coming together enough that we think its the right time to tell everyone what we've been up to and what we will be doing in the upcoming weeks and months!
We want to to announce to you "Pin Box" a new branding for ourselves and a change to how we handle products and their designs. We found out very quickly that there was a lot of customers who had no interest in wearing or even taking the pins off the backing cards that we supplied, even going to the lengths of making their own boards and ways of displaying their pins. 


We had a LOT of people ask "Hey how am I meant to display this" and we didn't have an answer! 

Now we do - Every pin we sell from now on will have its own collectors box it comes in that can be used to display the pin. The boxes are of VERY high quality and are easy to stack or display on a shelf. 

But I hear you cry "Hey, but I loved the artwork! Where's that gone?"

Don't worry! Every box is personalised for the pin that will be held within and also features a full piece of artwork on the reverse of the box for you to be able to display however you choose! No more holes in the artwork from the pin!

"OK, that's great and all but I don't care about any of that I literally just want the pin, what about the pin itself?"

The pins themselves are going to be better than ever before, more details, more colors and molding in the back for the respective licenses!

"You keep saying Licenses - plural... But you only work with Falcom... right?"

We have worked with Falcom for a long time and we are excited to continue to work with them in the future! However we have two other companies that we are also going to be working with to make more licensed pins! We are very excited for what's coming!

"Great! When can we see what your working on?"

Soon, we promise! We're just waiting on some final approvals for our prototypes and then we'll be able to share some more details! Here's a tease for our Falcom License!


We're looking to have monthly updates with whats going on and our latest developments so keep an eye out!

Until then, this site will be changing in a few ways. The website URL will be changing to www.pinbox.store at some point, though www.pin.limited will redirect you at that point but if we have us bookmarked update it! 

We have 50% off everything in our store ATM so grab hold of our Pin.Limited stock while you can!

Thanks again

The Team at Pin.Limited Pin Box

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