Battle of the Bruh!!

Artwork by eLTeh (Twitter >Here<)

The battle is over and you will find the results below however we are leaving the post for prosperity!

The time has come. Its been a long road but the end is in sight. Pre-orders will be opening for the officially licensed Gluttonous Bass Pin soon (and no we can't believe that's a sentence we're writing either). The pins are still subject to Falcom's approval but they have been shipped expedited with a fellowship of Pin Box ducks to look after them!

However regardless of that there is still one last thing that needs to be decided. Which metal should the Gluttonous Bass be made with? Its a decision that we couldn't decide on and we figured as this is the pin that YOU wanted we would give this final decision to YOU the people. This poll which you will find below will run for 1 week and the results will be absolute. In the unlikely event of a tie we will attempt to consult Falcom themselves and they will make the final decision!

Below you will find images of the Gluttonous Bass Pin and Box in high resolution. 


Silver Gluttonous Bass

Silver Gluttonous Bass Pin & Box


Black Nickel Gluttonous Bass

Black Nickel Gluttonous Bass Pin & Box


The Results are in and despite it looking like Black Nickel will win in the early game, Silver pulled ahead and took it at the end! We will have availability information very soon so follow us on social media to make sure you don't miss out! There may also be a chance you can get a Black Nickel Bruh in the near future...


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