On 22 March 2021, we announced the standard size for our boxes in the future would be changing. As collectors, we knew that customers who had purchased Pin Box releases before this change would want the new standard to have a matching set. With the Box Replacement Programme, no one will be missing out!

Below is a list of boxes that are currently available and an explanation of how you can be eligible for this programme.

Available Replacement Boxes

Available until 01 June 2023

Little Paro - Ys VIII - Pin Box Ys 01

Adol - Ys VIII - Enamel Pin - Pin Box Ys 02

Dana - Ys VIII - Enamel Pin - Pin Box Ys 03
Available Until 01 June 2022

Gluttonous Bass - Zero no Kiseki - Pin Box Legend Of Heroes 01

Junior Bracer Emblem - Trails In The Sky - Pin Box Legend Of Heroes 02

Erebonian Empire Emblem - Trails of Cold Steel - Pin Box Legend of Heroes 03

Liberl Kingdom Crest - Trails In The Sky - Pin Box Legend Of Heroes 04

Bracer Emblem - Trails In The Sky - Pin Box Legend Of Heroes 05


If you have previously placed an order with us for the original PIN BOX release of those pins that came in a slim box, you are eligible for a free replacement box for any of the pins listed above. 

Please note Pin.Limited pins are NOT included in this promotion. This promotion is to allow early adopters of the new Pin Box designs to have a matching collection of boxes that match the standard that we use now.

Here's what you need to do:

1. Please place a new order from our website for any physical product.

2. Include in your notes your previous order number. If your last order was placed from another account, we might need to get in touch to confirm your order.

3. That's it! We'll include a replacement box for each pin in those previous orders! (Note that we only have replacement boxes available from the list above.)

If you have any queries regarding the Box Replacement Programme, don't hesitate to contact our support!


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