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Box Replacement Programme

Box Replacement Programme

We recently announced the new boxes that will be standard to Pin Box, and we know a lot of people would want to get a hold of these new designs - especially for previously released pins in their collections. Fret not, because with the new Box Replacement Programme, no one will be missing out!

Below is a list of boxes which are currently available, as well as an explanation on how you can be eligible for this programme.


Currently Available Replacement Boxes

Gluttonous Bass - Zero no Kiseki - Pin Box Legend Of Heroes 01

Junior Bracer Emblem - Trails In The Sky - Pin Box Legend Of Heroes 02

Erebonian Empire Emblem - Trails of Cold Steel - Pin Box Legend of Heroes 03

Liberl Kingdom Crest - Trails In The Sky - Pin Box Legend Of Heroes 04

Bracer Emblem - Trails In The Sky - Pin Box Legend Of Heroes 05



For any of the pins listed above, if you have previously placed an order with us for the SLIM version of those pins, you are eligible for a free replacement box. 

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Place a new order from our website for any physical product.
  2. Include in your notes your previous order number. If your previous order was placed from another account, we may need to get in touch to confirm your order.
  3. That's it! For each pin in those previous orders, we'll include a replacement box! (Note that we only have replacement boxes available from the list above.)

We understand some of you may be disappointed that you have to place an order to receive your replacement box(es).

The reason is that those shipping costs you see at checkout are what it costs us (or less than it costs us), and from a financial standpoint, we aren't in the position to be able to ship out replacement boxes to every of our previous customers.

By placing a separate order, the bulk of those costs will be covered, and we don't mind paying extra to make up the difference.

With regards to other Pin Box releases, we only intend to update new box designs for the Ys VIII releases of Adol, Dana and Paro.

Please note that the replacement programme is only available while stocks last, and we can't guarantee how long that will be!


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1 comment

  • Hi, I have a question regarding the free box replacement program.

    I ordered and already received all the listed pins in August of last year (2020). Am I still eligible to get the replacement boxes only, without the extra pins that would come with a full order?

    Have a good day!


    Gabriel Letourneau

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