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One Year - 365 Days since we originally announced Pin Box. Its been a crazy ride to say the least and one thing is for sure - we're only just getting started! The response we have had from the community over that last year has been incredible with multiple fan campaigns to get characters (and fish) fast tracked in our product development schedule. It's been this interaction that has influenced us to change our tagline:

Pin Box - Open a Box of Possibilities

It's been your support that has let us do what we have over the last year and in turn allowed us to open our possibilities, I hope we can continue to work with fans to bring products to life!


A year ago I expressed my sincerest thanks to those that supported us when we were Pin.Limited and today I would like to do the same - Just there's a LOT more of you to thank. From the bottom of my heart:



1st Anniversary Limited Edition Shirt

To celebrate our 1st anniversary we're releasing a strictly limited edition shirt, a double sided one at that!  Pre-Orders are only open until the 17th May and production numbers will be very small so if you want one, get one while you can! They will dispatch in June 2021!

Sneak Peaks!?

We'd like to share some teases of some of the upcoming products!

Ys IX Pins

We wanted to provide an update on our previously announced Ys IX pins. We have had pre-production samples made. However, we feel that the pins can be improved upon, so we will be spending a bit more time on their designs and working with our manufacturing partners to make the most detailed pins possible. We hope that you can forgive this delay and look forward to more information when we can share it!

Payment Methods

You may have noticed that we no longer accept PayPal as a payment method; this was not a choice by us and was something that PayPal decided after reviewing our account. The exact reason as to why they no longer wish to work with us has not been given. Unfortunately, part of this decision also meant withholding our funds for six months, a factor that could have prevented us from starting production of our pre-ordered products. Luckily we have a fantastic community that was willing to switch payment methods to have access to that money and keep to our original production timing. We have submitted a formal complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service regarding PayPal's behaviour and are awaiting further investigation.

All existing PayPal orders will be fulfilled, and you do not need to do anything.

We have added a lot of new payments to give our customers more choice when it comes to any future orders; we hope there's something that is accessible to everyone:


Pre-Order Updates


All T-shirts are here (Apart from the Pin Box 1st Anniversary Limited Edition one), and we are just finalising the processing of them ready for dispatch. Expect to see tracking numbers starting to go out on Monday 17th May for any T-Shirt only orders! If you ordered pins as well, then please read on.


The boxes for the pins are en route to us now! At the time of writing, they are at the airport waiting to get on the plane over to us! Of course, this is only half of the product, and we're just waiting on the final touches on the pins. Nine of the fourteen pins are complete, and we don't expect the others to take too long. All be going well; we should have them by the end of the month.

Shipping will take a while due to the volume of pre-orders and the small team we have here, but we'll get through them asap!


The Future...

We have many pins in development and wish we could share more with you, but we want to wait for the right time to reveal them. We have a great relationship with Nihon Falcom and will be continuing that for the foreseeable future. However, we have some new licensors that we are deep in talks with to make some special pins happen; we're VERY excited to share more and hope you are looking forward to hearing more!

Until then - Here's to another year of Pin Box!

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