We're ending 2022 with our biggest launch to date introducing whole new products to the Pin Box line-up! We've been so excited to share with you what we've been working on and now's the time!

Free KeA Smiling Cat Pin


That's right you'll be able to grab yourself a free pin at checkout alongside most of the pre-orders launching today - the only exception is due to a combination of courier limitations and how our Bonus Section works. To redeem all you have to do is add this adorable pin to your cart on the checkout page from the Order Bonus Collection! It's limited to ONE per account and we'll guarantee any eligible order is able to get one up until the 31st January 2023. This isn't the only freebie you'll be able to get your hands on however...

KeA X Tio Art Card by @Stormowl0

The legendary Stormowl0 returns with another amazing piece of custom art. Be sure to give them a follow on Twitter! This is printed on the same card as the previous Stormowl card and is the same size. Redeeming this is exactly the same as securing the free KeA Smiling Cat pin through the Order Bonus Collection. So what new products do we have? Read on to find out!

The Next Wave Of Our Legend of Heroes Pins!

Pin Box Legend of Heroes 21-25 are officially available to pre-order now! We're going back to Crossbell to bring some fan favourite characters to pin form!

Tio finally get's a pin in the same style as the other S.S.S Members, along with the adorable KeA, dependable Zeit, elusive Wazy and Renne! 

Aren't You Forgetting Someone In Those Images?

Ah, the keen eyed among you may have spotted the legendary Arios in pin form, and quite like his character this pin is quite special. And even better he's FREE when you buy the full set of 21 - 25 and can only be acquired by this way. Due to special way of acquiring this pin he has the SP branding instead of a number and will be more limited in nature. 

How Long Have I Got To Order?

Open Pre-Orders are going to run through until the 31st January 2023. 

Awesome, Is there any XL Crossbell Pins?

While we do have some in development, they need a bit more time to perfect and make them as special as the other XL pins in our line up, we look forward to sharing more when the time is right but we'll leave you with this tease of a early production sample!

Pin Box X Crossbell Apparel

I am excited to announce that we have recently made the decision to switch from using a Kornit Avalanche to a Kornit Atlas MAX for our printing process.

Why The Switch?

There are several reasons why we have chosen to make this switch, but the most significant is the increased capabilities and efficiency of the Kornit Atlas MAX.

One of the primary advantages of the Kornit Atlas MAX is its ability to print on a wider range of fabrics and materials. This includes both natural and synthetic fabrics, as well as difficult-to-print materials such as polyester and nylon. This means that we will now have greater flexibility in the types of garments we can produce, potentially allowing for the creation of new and innovative products.

In addition to its wide range of compatibility, the Kornit Atlas MAX is also known for its high level of precision and detail. Its advanced printing technology allows for the creation of intricate designs and patterns with stunning visual clarity. This is especially important for us, as our brand since introducing clothing  has become known for its bold and eye-catching graphics and high quality

Another major benefit of the Kornit Atlas MAX is its speed and efficiency. With the ability to print up to 1200 garments per hour, we will be able to significantly increase our production capacity, allowing for faster turnaround times and the ability to ship out pre-orders even quicker.

Finally, the Kornit Atlas MAX is also more environmentally friendly than its predecessor, the Kornit Avalanche. It uses water-based inks that are free of hazardous chemicals, and its printing process generates significantly less waste than traditional screen printing methods. 

Overall, the switch from the Kornit Avalanche to the Kornit Atlas MAX is a major step forward for Pin Box. With its increased capabilities, precision, speed, and sustainability, the Kornit Atlas MAX is sure to take our clothing production to new heights.

Ok, But What Does That Mean In Practice?

It means the print on any clothing we release in the future is going to have more vibrant colours especially on blacks! Check out the difference in this sample we had made of the 40th Anniversary Artwork


We hope you can see the difference but I assure you, it's a stark contrast and immediately noticeable in person.

Great, Is Anything Else Changing?

Yes, the labels inside the neck are getting replaced with a long standing requested print. This is the same print quality as the main artwork and isn't a cheap vinyl that will crack and come off in the wash! Have a look!

What About The T-Shirt / Hoodies Themselves, Are They Changing?
Nope, we'll be continuing to use the same Stanley/Stella clothing you've come to know and love with there comfortable materials and sustainable sourcing.

What About Older Designs, Will They Be Getting Made With The New Printers?
Yes and No. If we are restocking a design from now it will be with the new printers. If we aren't restocking or are discontinuing a design then no it will be just what's left in stock now.

How Do I Know If A T-Shirt I'm Purchasing Is Using The New Printers?

Great Question! As we sell our inventory using the old printer there are going to be situations where certain sizes of designs are restocked using the new printers while others are old stock.

The way to tell is to select the colour and size of the design your interested in and look at the product image. If the "Pin Box X ???" print is on the inside of the neck then that has been printed using the new printers. For example:


Is It Not More Expensive To Use These New Printers?
In Short, Yes. While we couldn't find a list price for the Kornit Atlas MAX, we did find one for the non MAX variant and that runs for a cool $620,000. So we're kind of scared to know what the MAX version costs. To accommodate the increased costs our standard T-Shirts will be £21.99 going forward, with Hoodies changing dependent on the number and type of prints.
We hope you'll agree we still offer a competitively priced product that is a higher quality than the competition.

Awesome, When Can I Get My Hands On These?

With this launch we'll be handling pre-orders slightly differently with open pre-orders going through until the 31st January 2023. However if you get your order for apparel in before the 31st December 2022 we will be shipping those orders out mid January. Orders after 31st December will be dispatched in February 2023. We will also be restocking a number of sold out designs during that window.

Going forward we will be performing monthly restocks of our Apparel which is in part helped by the new faster turnaround time of the Atlas MAX, so if something is out of stock it shouldn't be too long before it comes back in going forward!

Otherwise lets show you what's available! First off we have three new T-Shirt designs inspired from Crossbell!

The Colourful Heroes of Crossbell

Featuring the four main characters from Zero No Kiseki each with their signature colour background. This design is available on black and white!



Enigma Blueprint

Our next design shows a blown out 3d view of the never before seen schematics for the Enigma created by the Epstein Foundation and used by the S.S.S! You'll be able to grab this design on blue and black!

Zero No Kiseki Key Art

Finally we're proud to reveal this modified version of the Zero No Kiseki Key Art, available on a French Navy or Black Colour T-Shirt!

Zero No Kiseki Keyart Hoodie

You'll also be able to get this artwork on the back of a zip up hoodie with the S.S.S badge on the front. It is available on black and a lighter India Ink Gray. 

A New Product Line Approaches

We're delighted to share that a whole new line of products are coming to Pin Box - Wall Scrolls!

Printed on an extremely thick 250gsm polyester with incredibly vibrant colours and measuring over a metre tall they are the perfect way to have your favourite artwork displayed on your wall.

Our initial launch will feature THREE designs you can grab to start your collection. Special care has been made to adjust the artwork for the high resolution print of these wall scrolls so you can see every detail crisp and clear!

Please Note: Due to compression there are some elements of these images that don't display correctly and this does not reflect on the final product. 

For more information and close up photos of the Wall Scrolls themselves we recommend you check out the individual product pages.

Due to courier limitations and the size of these Wall Scrolls, they are unable to be shipped with other products and must be ordered and shipped separately. You are however, more than welcome to order as many Wall Scrolls as you wish in a single order. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Finally we have one last thing to share with you...

Mishy Ita Bag

May we present the Mishy Ita Bag! This has been a passion project for quite a while and something we've been so excited to share!

For those of you who don't know a "Ita" bag is a bag that has a dedicated section for pin badges! 

With our Mishy Bag you'll be able to choose whether to use it as a backpack or as a handbag with the included straps. It features a huge pocket with many smaller pockets to keep all the essentials safe and secure.

If using Mishy as a bag doesn't appeal to you then you'll be able to display him next to your pin collectons while displaying some of your loose pins in his front pocket!.

We'll also have additional inserts available so you can make up pin boards to swap and change for a moments notice or to keep Mishy looking fresh without having to take all the pins on and off repeatedly.

For all the information on this bag along with many more pictures we recommend you check out the dedicated product page!


Crow X Rean Pin Pre-Orders

You may have noticed some people sharing their Crow X Rean pins on social media channels, if you haven't received a dispatch email for your pre-order yet do not worry, we're working through orders as fast as we can and expect to be fully caught up in January when originally planned.


A couple of months ago we announced we were changing to live shipping rates meaning you see the exact amount it costs us for shipping. This introduced a number of unforeseen issues that meant that rates weren't being generated for all of our customers. We apologise for the inconvience. The good news is that we have resolved the issues and we believe to have ironed out all the bugs. If you think something is incorrect then please get in touch with our support so we can look into it.

Our customers in the USA may also notice that Transglobal Express has been removed as a shipping option, this is purely due to their prices increasing to the point that it no longer makes sense to offer as a separate shipping choice. Naturally we'll continue to monitor this and if it it changes we'll bring it back.

A Brief Word From The Owner Of Pin Box

Hey everyone, I hope todays announcements have included something that has you excited, it's certainly brought us joy to work on these items and get them to the stage to share them with everyone. I'd also like to extend thanks to everyone that's supported us this year. I've said it before but without that support we  couldn't continue doing this, so THANK YOU. 

As for what 2023 holds? Some of our BIGGEST announcements and it won't be long until we share more but I'll leave you with something to tide you over. Until then have a great holiday period and new year!

Robert Stark 






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