Pin Box Hoodies

Pin Box Hoodies
After many requests, we're proud to announce that Hoodies are finally making their way onto the Pin Box Store! So we wanted to take a moment to give some insight into why it's taken so long and what you should expect if you decide to purchase one!

Our journey to add hoodies to our line-up started last year after receiving multiple requests for them from customers who have loved the quality of the T-Shirts we'd been selling. Our original plan was to use the same printing technology on our t-shirts that everyone knows and loves. We would have to find a suitable garment that meets our expected price/quality ratio. Easy right? Nope.

We got our first roundup of garments through, and they initially looked promising, offering very competitive pricing. While the print came out well on them, the quality wasn't where we wanted it to be for the Pin Box brand, especially after extended use and washes. The following garments continued the same path and were added to the rejection pile, with one left as a "maybe".

Feeling defeated, we returned to the drawing board and decided to try going down a path we had previously abandoned - Stanley/Stella. After all, if everyone loves the quality of the T-shirts we sell, why not source the hoodies from the same company too?

The answer was simple - Cost. They were expensive, especially compared to the other garments we saw available. If we were going to use them, we would have to raise our original projected selling price and to justify that; they would have to be SUBSTANTIALLY superior. We ordered samples and awaited their delivery with bated breath.

There was no comparison. The hoodies we received were incredible and some of the best quality garments we'd personally ever had. Immediately it became clear to us that if we wanted a quality hoodie that would last, we needed to look at higher-cost garments and accept they would need to be priced as a premium product.

This brings us to today's launch of our first two very special hoodie designs! One is Zipped, and one is not. Outside of that, the garments are of the same materials and construction. We've included the full technical details of the hoodies at the bottom of this blog post though you'll also find them under "Size Guide" on any hoodie product listing as well as on out "Clothing Information" Page.

Falcom 40th Anniversary Non Zipped Hoodie
Falcom 40th Anniversary Zipped Hoodie (Front)
Falcom 40th Anniversary Zipped Hoodie (Front)

Our first hoodies are going to be Limited Edition meaning they are only ever going to be printed once like our 40th Anniversary T-Shirts before.
Unlike our 40th Anniversary T-Shirts the keen eyed among you may have noticed some changes to the artwork. The most obvious one is on the Non Zipped hoodie which features the full 40th anniversary artwork but presented in a whole new way. We worked with Falcom to be able to print the artwork in a way that made sense on a hoodie and is only available like this here!

While the Zipped Hoodie design may look more familiar at an initial glance we ask that you take a closer look, costumes have changed and some additions have been made, we'll leave it up to the fanbase to spot all the changes!

You've got until the 27th September to get your order in after which numbers become officially limited and we've seen a trend of those numbers selling out quickly with our recent releases!

A Quick Word On Shipping 

We've always done our best to make shipping prices as painless as possible however, continuing to subsidise them as we have been so far isn't sustainable, which is why we're making the change over to live rates.

Once fully set up the rates you see at checkout will be the actual rates we pay generated from the respective couriers. Our FedEx Integration is already complete, and we expect for our Royal Mail live rate integration to be complete by the end of the week. UPDATE 10/10/2022: We've faced several issues outside of our control that has prevented this from going live. We are working on the issues and will launch this as soon as we can and will update this post when it does. The only exception to this will be for our USA-exclusive Transglobal Express service, which will remain as they are now due to there being a lack of a suitable integration available.

This is the fairest and most transparent way we can make shipping and it ensures your only getting charged for exactly what it costs and nothing more. 


Pin Box Hoodie Specifications

All of our Hoodies are printed with a Kornit Avalanche HD6, which prints up to 1,200 dpi. This is what results in our prints being so high quality.

The Hoodies are "Stanley/Stella STSU822" for non-zipped versions and "Stanley/Stella STSM566" For Zipped Hoodies, both unisex hoodies are crafted from a premium 350gsm blend of 85% organic cotton and 15% recycled polyester and complete with the signature soft-hand feel. It has classic proportions and features 2-needle 6mm durable topstitching.


As a UK company sourcing our Hoodies locally, the sizes reflected are UK / EU sizing. If you are in the USA, you must order at least one size bigger!

If you enjoy a loose fit, we recommend ordering a size up!


  Hoodie Sizing Chart (CM) S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL
A Half Chest 51.5 54 57 60 63 66 71 76
B Body Length 68 72 74 76 78 80 82 83
C Sleeve Length 64 65.5 67 68.5 70 70 70 70


Product Care

Wash at 30°. Do not bleach. Ironing 110°. Do not tumble dry. Do not dry clean. 



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