Pin Box Progress Report: July 2020

Pin Box Progress Report: July 2020

Welcome to the Pin Box Progress Report July 2020!

What a month! We said at the end of the last one this month was going to be a busy one and we were wrong! (You can read that >HERE< if you missed it) We've finally had Pre-Orders go live for a number of pins, launched our new website, revealed our mascot, and so much more! To keep things simple we'll go through whats happened in chronological order so we need to go back to the 2nd June!

Falcom Acknowledge Gluttonous Bass as a Bruh Publicly

It happened. They ended the dispute that's been happening between fans for a long time by tweeting out this wonderful piece of art by eLTeh ( as well as introduced the meme over to our friends in Japan! Here's the proof!

Of course this alone doesn't explain the meme but luckily there was a brilliant tweet put out translated by the wonderful Shawnji!(


If you're able, please share this with the Japanese Fandom so they have a better understanding of whats going on!


The Pin Box Mascot

Meet our mascot: The Pin Box Duck!

The Pin Box Duck Mascot

Isn't he cute! Well he's not the only one... 

Pin Box Ducks Going Home

There's many more too! You may find them in the background of images across our social media and product pages so keep an eye out. They are all working super hard to make the Pin Badges we make the best they can be! In-fact every pin sold will have one of our Pin Box Ducks escort it all the way to your house when you order! Of course they will need somewhere to stay after but they will feed themselves so you don't need to worry about that, we hope you'll look after them! Speaking of ordering, you need something to actually order...


Okami Pins + Ys VIII Pins Pre-orders Live

We did separate Blog Posts on these which you can find below!

Okami >HERE<


If you are wanting these pins then we STRONGLY suggest you put your order in ASAP as production is imminent , although we will be making more than just the orders we have received we can't guarantee availability after that so grab them while you can!


Updates On Pins In Development

The samples for our upcoming The Legend of Heroes Pins are on their way to us now! When we have them we will share more details with you! Until then we would like to share some photos we got from the factory! Excuse the Image quality we will have better images when we get our hands on them!


Pin Box Bracer Pin

Pin Box Erebonian Pin

Pin Box Liberl Pin

We expect to have these go up for pre-order in the second half of this month so keep your eye out! And Yes before we get 100 messages that will include the Gluttonous Bass though you'll be hearing more on that very soon! Battle of the Bruh will be happening!

The Members Club

An astute few of you may have noticed the tab for "Members Club" in our menu at the top of the website! You can access it >HERE<

Being part of our members club allows you to collect points that you can spend on rewards! You can get points by liking us on Facebook or Twitter. Sharing our store with your friends and every time you place an order with us! You can also get a big boost in points when you refer a friend who makes their first purchase and on top of that they will also get 10% off that order!

At the moment our rewards are minimal however this will be changing in time and you'll be able to get things exclusive to the members club so although it may be tempting to get a voucher, it may be in your best interest to keep hold of those points for now!

Signing Off

Its been a busy time this month for the team here but as many of you know we're just getting started! Keep an eye out for our upcoming Trails pins including one we haven't shared with you yet! I will leave you with one of our most cherished Pin Box ducks by the Pin Box Discord (Available >HERE<) Until next time!


Pin Box Quackers

His name is Quackers. Bless.




Pin Box X Ys VIII Pins - Pre-Orders Start Now!
Battle of the Bruh was HERE! Results Inside!

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