Pin Box Progress Report: June 2020

Pin Box Progress Report: June 2020


Hello and welcome to the Pin Box Progress Report for June 2020!

As always we will be covering what we've been up to in the month of June, sharing some new details and giving you a glimpse of whats to come with Pin Box. If you missed May's progress report you can catch up here!


The Final Sale And Shipping Going Forwards

Pin.Limited is no more. You may have noticed there is no more stock available on the website and that's because we had one last clearance sale to make way for Pin Box. If you are one of those who picked up a pin or two in that sale - then thank you! 

However I do feel like I need to address something that keeps coming up as a direct result of that sale - Shipping delays.

We went to great effort to get all of the orders shipped out within 24 hours of getting them through however the state of the world at the moment is causing considerable delays getting parcels from the UK where we are based to everyone in the world. The USA has been hit the hardest from what we've seen so far with some parcel centres having more than 50% more parcels going through them when compared to Christmas peak time - that's a LOT of parcels. combine that with Covid-19 restrictions and quarantines happening on parcels along the way and you can imagine things are moving slowly. 

Part of this frustration has been due to the fact that we offered a "Standard Shipping" option which does not have tracking, so people can't see their parcel progressing through the system. 

Serious conversations are being had about our shipping options internally as if we had a full launch right now with our current shipping options we could have a logistical nightmare of delays and customer service requests which just isn't practical for us with the small number of staff we have. Having said all that we realise shipping costs are an important factor especially for our international customers and its something we are going to make sure there's a balance between value and performance. Now onto more exciting stuff!



Gluttonous Bass

We got a couple of images of finished early samples that we would like to share with you, these aren't in our hands and are pictures from our factory, so excuse the quality. The boxes for them are still being made so its still going to be a while till we can get them approved by Falcom. However this is what you guys wanted, so we hope its everything you were hoping for!


Pin Box Gluttonous Bass Samples

Pin Box Gluttonous Bass Samples

You may be wondering why there is two different versions. One has been cast with silver, the other - Black Nickel. During the design process we genuinely couldn't decide which would suit the Gluttonous Bass better so we decided to have samples of both made and leave the final decision up to YOU. Once we get the samples in our hands we will make much higher quality images and put up a poll for everyone to vote on which one they want to see as the final product. Enjoy this wonderful piece of artwork by Elteh in celebration of the pending battle! (Who you can give a follow to @


Pin Box Battle of the Bruh By Elteh



Falcom Fan Favourites (Bracer, Erebonian & Liberl)

The Trio are on their way back! These are NOT finished but I thought I'd share some in progress pictures with everyone so you can get an idea of what goes into making these pins! Excuse the image quality as its pictures direct from the Factory again.


Pin Box Trails Pins Samples

Pin Box Trails Pins Liberl Sample

Pin Box Trails Pins Erebonian Sample

Pin Box Trails Pins Bracer Sample


Its crazy how during the manufacture process they will look nothing like the finished product at times. A lot of the details have to go on in sections and you can see here only the very base layers for these pins. I hope this quells the minds of you who are worried that the re-releases aren't coming- they are!



Ys VIII Pins 

We got through our samples for our upcoming Ys pins so we can finally show you what to expect from a Pin Box product. These are pending Falcom approval so are subject to change without notice. We love them and we hope you will too. This should also showcase the level of detail that we are fitting in these pins, remember these are only 1.5" pins and full hard enamel. Subject to a swift approval we expect these to open for pre-order by the end of the month!

If you buy all three you'll be able to display them next to each other and create the map of the Isle of Seiren as shown below! 


Pin Box Ys VIII Pins Set

Pin Box Ys VIII Pins Little ParoPin Box Ys VIII Pins Little Paro ReversePin Box Ys VIII Pins Little Paro PinPin Box Ys VIII Pins AdolPin Box Ys VIII Pins Adol ReversePin Box Ys VIII Pins Adol PinPin Box Ys VIII Pins DanaPin Box Ys VIII Pins Dana ReversePin Box Ys VIII Pins Dana Pin Badge



Pin Box + Okami

Freshly announced only a couple of days ago we will be working with Capcom to bring you a collection of Okami Pin Badges featuring beautiful artwork on the reverse of the boxes. We are already deep into development so hopefully we'll be able to show you more very soon!


Pin Box Okami Coming Soon




That brings us to a wrap to the events of June! I hope that there's at least one thing here that gets you excited about whats coming. We've been quiet for the most part in June but something tells me that July is going to be a busy one. In the next couple of weeks we expect to announce another license we will be working with to bring you more licensed pins. We will also be talking about the changes we are making to the Pin Box store, however for now that's all!

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Announcing Pin Box + Okami Coming Soon (Available For Pre-Order NOW)
Pin Box Okami Pins Available for Pre-Order NOW!

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