Shin Megami Tensei V is coming to Pin Box!

As huge fans of the series here at Pin Box, it's a delight to announce our partnership with Atlus to bring the latest entry in the dark series to life with new merchandise.
Expect to see all your favourite characters and demons from the game make the lineup, so if there's something you'd love to see, be sure to let us know! 
We're already deep into developing our first wave, so we'll have more to share soon! You can follow us on social media to keep updated with the latest news.

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Reviews (2 comments)

  • Christian Hill On

    Oh nice! I’m crossing my fingers for an Amanozako pin. There’s unfortunately a lack of merch with the series, moreso when you think about sp3cific characters or demons. So I’m all for things like this.

  • Wendy Jones On

    Wow! What a surprise. We love Atlus! My daughter and have played multiple SMT and Persona games. We can’t wait to see the upcoming pins!

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