Its been a long time since we brought you Ys pins and we really wanted to do something above and beyond what we've done before. These are by FAR the most detailed pins we've ever made measuring only 1.5" (3.81cm). So we would like to introduce the first of three: Little Paro!


Little Paro Pin Box Enamel Pin Ys VIII Falcom


A personal favourite of the team here. We feel Little Paro's contributions to Ys VIII couldn't be understated and deserved his own pin! Next up we have the leading man Adol:


Adol Ys VIII Pin Box Enamel Pin Falcom


With him being the centre of the party we saw it fitting that he would be the centre of our three pins, featuring some truly epic on the back of his box. And finally it wouldn't be Ys VIII without Dana:


Dana Ys VIII Pin Box Enamel Pin Falcom


The design we certainly were most worried about bringing to life given its complexity however we think its come out beautifully. And of course when you put them together they complete the map:


Pin Box Ys VIII Paro Adol Dana Enamel Pins Boxes

Which we think is the icing on the cake for anyone who will display them on a shelf! 

If you want more details and more close up photos at high resolutions visit the product pages:

Pin Box Ys VIII Little Paro

Pin Box Ys VIII Adol

Pin Box Ys VIII Dana

Of course if you want to see more Ys tell us what! More Ys VIII, perhaps some Ys Origins or something for the upcoming western release of Ys IX. Let us know!

Until next time though!

The Team at Pin Box


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