All Pre-orders have now shipped and tracking numbers have been sent out.

If you have a pending order for these pins that's been fully paid for that hasn't been dispatched, please contact us so we can look into it!

If you missed out we still have some stock available now!



Crossbell and 40th Anniversary Pins are shipping now!

We've now received the pins and are working around the clock to get them out to everyone. Orders are dispatched in the order they were received, so if you haven't had a dispatch notification hang tight, we're going as fast as we can!



TLDR: We have to delay our launch of the Legend of Heroes 16 - 20 and 40th Anniversary pins by approximately two weeks.

Hi everyone!

I'm afraid I have to bring you some bad news. As the TLDR says, we have to delay the launch of the Legend of Heroes 16 - 20 and 40th Anniversary pins by approximately two weeks.

This isn't something we want to do and is ultimately out of our control, but I want to detail what's happening for transparency.

At the beginning of May, the pin manufacture was completed, and we arranged for them to be sent to us via air. This has become standard procedure for us, and historically, the longest it's taken for parcels shipped in this way has been ten days - customs included. 

As you can see below, shipping began on the 5th of May. 

That is how the tracking remains today, and after further investigation, I obtained the E2 customs receipt below.
This, in a way, was good news. It proved that the package hadn't got "Lost"; however it created a new challenge—a much bigger one. The parcel is in customs. The one place that I have zero control over. It entered customs on the 16th of May and ended up in "Route 2".

For those of you who don't know, "Route 2" is when UK customs want to review the item coming into the country and the paperwork. Our government website says there's no limit to how long this can take but that it's usually within 3 - 7 days. As you can see, we're past that timeframe.

They may get released on Monday, and we get them Tuesday, but at this point, I feel it's better to set expectations that it's going to be a couple of weeks.
I know you've waited a long time for these products, and I apologise for that; I ask for your patience and forgiveness regarding this matter.

Rest assured, I'm already looking into ways to try and minimise the odds of this happening again; it's had a severe knock-on effect on our internal schedule and isn't ideal for anyone.

I'll update everyone as soon as I get new information.


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