Pin Box Order Bonuses

You may have noticed a slight change when going to the checkout recently, and it's something we're excited to share more details about! 

You'll now be able to pick and choose which order bonuses you want with your order! The idea behind this is simple - to give you as the customer more choice on what and how you receive your order. 

We're rolling out the initiative with some staples and some new account-exclusive merchandise! In the future, you'll see any time-sensitive or even secret rewards available here so always keep an eye out and make sure you are logged into your account before going to the cart page for the full selection!

Please note that, by default, these bonuses are limited to one per order. There are exceptions which you'll find either below or on their respective product pages that appear.


Every Order is Eligible For The Following Free Bonuses:


The Pin Box Rubber Duck

You are more than welcome to add more than one to your cart though please note that if there isn't space in the box we're shipping your products, they won't be included. On the other hand, if you already have too many or don't like our rubbery friends, then feel free to leave them out of your cart.


A Spoiler Warning / Thank You Card

They are highly advised for first-time buyers, particularly for the spoiler warning it contains on the reverse. 


Product Specific Bonuses

These bonuses are exclusive to specific products and can only be redeemed with the corresponding purchase, so don't miss out if they are shown!


Rixia Art Card By @Stormowl

Designed by the incredibly talented @Stormowl, this is exclusive to any orders containing our Rixia pin. Customers ordering the 16 - 20 set of Legend of Heroes pins are also eligible.

Account Specific Bonuses

These bonuses are exclusive to your account and are often tied to previous orders or milestones! Don't worry if you've missed them before. They will continue to show until you redeem them.



Pin Box Logo Pin - Black

This is available to redeem when you go to place your 2nd order.


Pin Box Logo Pin - Gold

This is available to redeem when you go to place your 5th order


Pin Box Logo Pin - Purple

This is available to redeem when you go to place your 8th Order.


Pin Box Logo Pin - ???

We want to keep some things mysterious, but you'll see this one in all its glory when you place your 10th Order! 



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