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Pin Box Product Schedule

Below you will find the official Pin Box Schedule. Although we will try our best to keep to what's listed here there may be time we have to alter or change things. If that's the case we will replace this image with an updated one as soon as I know there is going to be a change!

The Pin Box Product Schedule Explained Further

Status Meanings

Development: Designs are being created and finalised along with licensing approvals. 

Pre-Production: Physical samples are being made and reviewed. If issues are found then it can sometime be the case of having samples re-created or in extreme situations it can go go back to the "Development" stage. They are also subject to licensing approval

Open Pre-Order: Pre-Orders are open for this pin and during this period there is no limit to the number of sales. Please visit the individual listing to know whether it is in Open or Limited Pre-Order phase.

Limited Pre-Order: Although pre-orders are open, the number available is limited due to manufacture numbers already being submitted. Production is in progress at this point. Please visit the individual listing to know whether it is in Open or Limited Pre-Order phase.

Available: This pin has been released and pre-orders have been shipped out to everyone. Is on the website for purchase now.

Sold Out: No longer available. 

TBA: To be announced at a later date


Target Meaning

The target listed if for the completion of the current status. For example:

If a pins status is currently in the "Development" Status and its target is listed as "January" then we are aiming to have development completed in January at which point it would go onto the next stage. 




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