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Twin Goddesses - Ys Origin - Pin Box Ys 07
Twin Goddesses - Ys Origin - Pin Box Ys 07
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Twin Goddesses - Ys Origin - Pin Box Ys 07

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The two-winged Goddesses who rule over Ys. The elder sister, Reah, is the more dominant of the two, generally taking on more responsibilities and working much more closely with the Six Priests to help keep Ys running smoothly. The younger sister, Feena, tends to be the more outgoing of the two, interacting more readily with the knights and sorcerers and helping to offset Reah's typically serious demeanour with a fresh perspective and a positive outlook.

  • Material: Hard Enamel
  • Beautifully Detailed Pin Badge
  • 2 Pins on the Reverse to Secure It to Anything
  • Dimensions: 1.75" at its longest
  • Presented in Collectors Grade Box
  • Stunning Artwork on Reverse of Box
  • Officially Licensed Ys Origin / Nihon Falcom Merchandise
  • Pre-production sample shown, colours may vary slightly from the final product due to manufacturing tolerances

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