Hello and welcome to the first of our monthly Progress Reports!

Contained within each of these we hope to share all the information from the last month as well as have some other reveals! So grab a cup of coffee (Or two!) and enjoy the latest licensed pins in development from Pin Box!

The Tale of the Gluttonous Bass

The Start 

This message in our discord. We had no idea of the events about to unfold when this message was posted (Which you can join here: discord.gg/KsmmTUJ)

Livi - "yo how much to get a basspog pin"

"yo how much to get a basspog pin" - Livi 

We passed it as a joke and moved on with our merry lives. The reality is that its just not possible for us to create every suggested pin. 

We thought that was the end of the matter, we were wrong.


The Call


Two days later we get a mention on twitter again demanding a pin of a fish. We decide there is only one way to settle this - if there is enough demand then we will consider it and challenge them to get over 300 likes on their tweet:

Gluttonous Bass Request

The response was OVERWHELMING gathering over 500 likes and generating more publicity for us than we had ever had before. The memes that were shared over that time genuinely made us laugh but it left a burning question. WHY?


The Origin

Where did this fish come from? Why do so many people love this fish? Who is the fish. Fear not, we have...none of the answers but @crossbell_txt on twitter can help us here:

Timeline of Gluttonous Bass by @crossbell_txt

Timeline of Gluttonous Bass by @crossbell_txt

We hope that gives some context to the Gluttonous Bass! It certainly helped us understand what was going on!


Making It Happen

So there was clearly a demand however the question remained would Nihon Falcom give their blessing to make it an officially licensed product. Initially there was some confusion (understandably so) but some quick screenshots provided by the community over the various games it features in and they gave the thumbs up to move forward with concepts! As well as providing the original artwork for the Gluttonous Bass which had never been shared before in such high resolution!

High Resolution Gluttonous Bass

We have our concepts submitted at the moment and are waiting on feedback, so we expect to hear something regarding this in the coming month so keep an eye out. A big shout out to the Pin Box discord community that helped with artwork and designs (Which is open to everyone).

We love this story and look forward to sharing with you designs and prototypes of the upcoming pins! As well as seeing everyone showing off their pins when they get them through!


Bringing Back Fan Favourite Nihon Falcom Pins

We've had a lot of questions about the change to Pin Box and whether the older pins will see releases with the new boxes. At the present time we can announce that the following will be getting a "rerelease":

  • Bracer Emblem
  • Liberl Kingdom Crest
  • Erebonian Empire Emblem
  • Special Support Section (S.S.S)
  • Thors Military Academy Crest

These are the only ones we are committing to however that doesn't mean the others won't get their own release. The first wave of these will consist of:

  • Bracer Emblem
  • Liberl Kingdom Crest
  • Erebonian Empire Emblem

These are in early development but we want to share with you some WIP artwork that we have for these designs so you can see the changes that we are intending to make in comparison to the older pins. For each of these we went back to the original artwork and looked how we could make them closer to the original designs. We hope you find the improvements to your liking!

Pin Box Trails Bracer Pin Concept

Pin Box Trails Erebonian Pin Concept

Pin Box Trails Liberl Pin Concept


YS VIII Licensed Pins

In our last update we teased you with a sneak peek of upcoming pins, we want to show you the designs here now! As you can see these feature a very high level of detail as we've tried to capture the original artwork in these pins! We expect to have sample pins with their boxes in June and will share with you as soon as we can! We would love to do more of the characters from YS VIII so let us know who you'd like to see!


Pin Box Ys VIII Pins Concepts


The Pin.Limited Closing Sale

As you may have noticed our stock of the Pin.Limited designs is very low. This is natural due to the change happening to Pin Box. Naturally when Pin Box goes live you will NOT be able to buy these pins from us anymore so we are having one final sale to clear the last of the stock.  This sale will start 5th June 2020 at 1PM BST. This final sale will last until 15th June 2020 ending with the closure of the store to allow us to transition to our new website design for Pin Box.

"But you barely have any stock? What am I going to buy?"

We are having a DEEP clear out of all our Pin.Limited stock, all of it will be listed at this time. This includes some of the original numbered Falcom releases like Bracer and Liberl as well as some pins that we never sold due to them having minor imperfections like a chip or a colour not completely filled in. Some pins we have VERY limited stock. Some with only 1 available. Any orders will have plenty of stickers and bonuses like previous art cards included so don't miss out!


Closing Words 

We'd like to close this out again thanking everyone for their support. We are very excited for the future and finally showing everyone some finished products. We still have a lot going on we can't share with you yet but expect:

  • 2 New Licenses
  • More Pin reveals - We currently have 14 in development!
  • The Pin Box Mascot
  • Some Fun Manga

Till next month keep an eye on official channels and our discord for more information! 

The Team @ Pin Box




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  • Andre On

    At first it was disappointing that I wasn’t able to get these pins when they were first released. Now, I have hope again. And more than that, Bass Pog will become a reality I’m waiting to see in the future.

    I’m excited and expecting more great things to come from this page.

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