The Vote has now closed and development has begun, as to who finally won out... You'll just have to wait and see!


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  • CloudxxIchigo89 On

    This is a Really Dope Poll & Idea!! I have many of the chibi pins, as a Collector of Figpins & FigpinXL’s I’m 100% for this idea of Supersized Pins!! If I could have any choice personally, I’d go w/ a 4-Set of Laura, Aurelia, Juna & Arianrhod to get XL Pins. Their Excellent Metal Statues & I’d replace my translucent Laura, Aurelia, Juan & Arianrhod in Seconds!!

  • Marco Almada On

    This is a great idea. Already have one chibi set, and two more on the way, but this will come to.
    Hope that in time it will have not only the heroes but also the villains.

  • Jerad Waas On

    I agree! I am really excited to see what comes of these XL pins! Are you expecting to sell Estelle + these three XL pins as a set of 4 in the future?

  • Wendy Jones On

    What a great idea! I like the chibi style pins (pre-ordered the Cold Steel set for me). But I’m also a big collector of Figpins. So the realistic character pins for my Trails collecting is so exciting. And the box art is so beautiful!

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