Hey Everyone, It's been a while! The team here has had a lot going on including some very unexpected events which have made us a bit thin on the ground when it comes to keeping up to date with everything! Unfortunately last months "What the Duck? News" was one of those casualties! However, we are looking to make up for it with a real bumper double issue! So let us jump in and see what's been going on with Pin Box!



How could we not start with our old friend - The Gluttonous Bass! Though like us, this will probably be the most you'll see of this specific version! Limited to just a single unit, this was placed at random in our shipment of Gluttonous Bass and will be sent out randomly as well as even the warehouse staff don't know about its existence! So soak up its glory and cross your fingers for when you receive yours! Of course, if you have it - LET US KNOW!




We had a small giveaway of a cloth poster that had been hanging around the office for too long! This time we wanted to encourage creativity within the community and show love to the source of the artwork of the poster! Entry was simple; show us a piece of art by yourself, and that was it. You were entered with an equal chance to win as everyone else. We weren't here to judge your art just wanted to inspire! Below are some of the entries we had along with links to their creators so you can give them a follow and a big thumbs up!

Credit: JamesRHZero


Credit: maskyarts
Credit: Raichana
Credit: TeslaAraven



Massive congratulations again to Emmi who won the Black Nickel Gluttonous Bass! It looks like it got there safe and sound!




We also had a massive giveaway in collaboration with our friends at Digital Emelas! Although entry for this is now closed, this wasn't the only thing to happen that week.



Pin Box Digital Emelas Q&A + Reveals 

We went over to their discord (Which you can find here: >HERE<) and had a full hour Q&A session! If you're curious, you can read the whole thing in their archive section on the Digital Emelas Discord! As part of it, we shared some of our upcoming projects!

Ys Origin Enamel Pins

We're going to be having four enamel pins based off Ys Origin! This is a super early production photo of samples we are having made; we'll be having a lot more news about these very soon!

Mishelam Wonderland Pin

This adorable little pin will be showing up soon, and the best thing about it is that it's FREE. That's right it won't cost you a penny! We're still working out the finer details, but it will be part of our Pin Box Member's Club which if you haven't already signed up to you can  >HERE<.

Don't worry though, there's no charge, and you get loads of benefits, it's no different to setting up a basic account!


Pin Box Schedule 

We also unveiled our Pin Box Schedule! A quick one-stop place where you can see the latest on the development of pins and announcements. You can always go to www.pinbox.store/schedule to see the newest version! Speaking of which we'll be updating that page very soon to have more information on what each status means. 


Pin Box Community Goals


An updated list of Community Goals was posted with the target for 1000 Twitter followers being completely smashed! As always these are entirely up to the community though I will say that the Randy Orlando Pin we have in mind is MORE than worth the effort! You can help at the following links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PinBoxLtd

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pinboxltd/

Discord: discord.gg/KsmmTUJ

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PinBoxLtd


Pin Box Feedback Form


We hit our five-month anniversary and wanted to get some feedback from everyone! It's not too late either to throw your hat into the ring; we'll be leaving it open for one more week. You can fill in the short form >HERE<. We've already had some great suggestions as well as some that have already been implemented, including Gift Cards!



Pin Box Developments

It may not look like much, but we got some new lights in along with a whole host of materials to allow us to get better images in the future! I think the results below speak for themselves!


Pin Box New Lights
Expect to see more images of all our pins in new ways soon!


Current Status of Pin Box Products

As you might have noticed everything we have in the pre-order phase is now out and available to order with immediate shipping. Orders are going out all over the world. With some people already having their hands on some of our pins! You can see "The Kiseki Nut" do an unboxing of our Trails pins right here:



In short though all the following have now shipped:

  • Ys VIII 1 - 3
  • Okami 1 - 3
  • Wallace & Gromit 1 - 3
  • Legend of Heroes 1 - 5

If you have placed an order but haven't had it through and haven't received a dispatch email please contact us either @ support@pinbox.store or at any of our other available channels!



Phew! That brings us up to date! If you have ordered and you've got your pins through, please tag us online so we can see your collections! As always we have a LOT going on behind the scenes and we'll have some updates regarding upcoming pins soon!

Thank you to everyone for your support as always, without you we couldn't do what we do!




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